Job Title: DevSecOps – IT Specialist 2 Location: Bangalore, Karnataka

Minimum year’s relevant experience required.  13+ years of progressive experience in IT Industry.

Key Skills:

  • Experience with containerization ecosystem technologies such as Docker, Kubernetes, Rancher etc. 
  • Experience in Cloud & Virtualization: AWS, GCP, Azure, OpenStack
  • Experience in microservices architecture and implementation
  • Experience with setting up a cluster and deploying applications including cloud automation with GCP, AWS, Azure or on OpenStack
  • Knowledge of networking for containers and orchestrators
  • Knowledge of monitoring and logging for containers and orchestrators
  • Knowledge of continuous integration via tools like Jenkins and Spinnaker 
  • Strong knowledge of building blocks of Kubernetes and how a Kubernetes platform operates (service discovery, deployments, monitoring, scheduling, load balancing) 
  • Fluent in one or more high-level languages, ideally Java, Ruby, and/or Python
  • Day to Day Work:
  • Be a subject-matter expert in containers, orchestration and microservices
  • Experienced in designing microservice architecture, Kubernetes and container solutions
  • Deploy Kubernetes and container solutions to various public clouds and on-prem
  • Enable development teams to leverage cloud-native architectures with new and existing applications
  • Evolve and build best practice materials for all aspects of Kubernetes and container ecosystems
  • Experience in DevSecOps, CI/CD pipelines, and infrastructure as code;
  • Deliver workshops and labs about containers, orchestrators and microservices
  • Create and curate workshop and lab material, keeping it relevant and up-to-date 
  • Deliver container, orchestrator and microservices projects 
  • Enable sales including knowledge transfer, architecture and design, as well as participate in the sales cycle as needed
  • Participate in community and market activities including participation in trade shows
  • Create, build and grow partnerships with various organizations relevant to the practice