The Indian Aerospace and Defense Industry are witnessing an unprecedented growth. This manufacturing sector continues to grow and expand through partnerships, new factories, and research facilities.
The Aerospace and Defense sector in India is closely regulated by government policy. This industry in India is at a turning point as it is on the threshold of entering into a new era where it will assume greater responsibility in making the nation self-reliant in Defense Production. The Aerospace and Defense industry is highly concentrated and production in this industry is dominated by a few large firms that are able to shape the industry’s direction and price levels. Several research and estimates have predicted an exciting future for the industry. Favorable policies made by the government have promoted expansion and growth in this sector. The aerospace and defense (A&D) industry are adjusting to a new market reality.

Aerospace Defense companies recognize that a highly engaged, the talented workforce can help them to gain an edge in the marketplace.Therefore; Aerospace requires certain skills that complement the zero error policy in aerospace manufacturing and for achieving this goal this sector requires highly competent manpower. Diverse expertise of our team in advanced technologies helps our partners to add qualified manpower to their organization by spreading deep roots in the Aerospace and Defense industry as well as many niche categories in the Technology sphere. Our experienced team has gained efficiency in effectively addressing aerospace and defense talent needs. Crossroads experts are qualified and are well-versed with the insights of the Aerospace and Defense industry from a staffing perspective. Our services ensure that the recruitment process is seamless and hassle-free with a single point of contact.